Information about the position of Musical Director of Opus 44                


We are an 18 strong female voice choir that rehearses in Bingley West Yorkshire on Tuesdays in term time between 7.30pm and 9.30pm. We are to lose our current Musical Director Jonathan Gale, at the end of March 2019, due to his relocation.

It is important to us to sing a wide range of high quality music which is both challenging and enjoyable. The music reading ability of our members varies but we have a commitment to hard work and are noted for the quality of our sound. The hard work is under-pinned by a good sprinkling of humour and fun.

Our repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to the present, from sacred to popular, some of which we have commissioned. The music we sing is usually in 3 to 8 parts, primarily a capella and mostly sung from memory.

Our MDs have usually been pianists so we do not have a rehearsal accompanist. If repertoire requires accompaniment for concerts or competitions then we employ a pianist as needed.

In recent years the choir has often hosted either an annual singing workshop or a concert in Bingley and in addition, we are invited to share at least 2 other concerts per year. We perform at some private events, such as weddings, but this is not our primary purpose. We have a commitment to charity, performing concerts for local causes and we always sing carols for this purpose at Christmas.

We have usually entered 2 or 3 competitions a year, although not so many in the last 2 years.  We have done particularly well over the years at the Huddersfield Mrs Sunderland Festival.

Almost all administrative work is done by members of the choir in liaison with the MD.

Our ideal candidate for Musical Director would have a knowledge of, or be prepared to familiarise themselves with and source, upper voice repertoire suitable for us. The ability to continue to develop and improve our vocal technique is also important to us.

We would like a good humoured communicator who will encourage and assess potential members, has connections with other musicians for joint enterprises and will inspire and create new opportunities for our choir.

An applicant should ideally be able:

  • To commit to 40 rehearsals a year during term time.
  • To be able to play the piano to lead rehearsals.
  • To conduct the choir at all musical events.
  • To recommend and/or book additional musicians when needed, eg soloists.
  • To source new, challenging, enjoyable music suitable for the choir.
  • To select repertoire/programmes for competitions and concerts.
  • To organise singers into parts suitable for their voices and for balance, for new pieces of music
  • To listen to potential new members and if they are suitable, allocate them to the correct part in the choir and support their progress.
  • To organise rehearsals with timetables/deadlines for events in mind.
  • To lead warming-up exercises at each rehearsal or event.
  • To ensure vocal training is undertaken as part of rehearsals.
  • To ensure that members are supported in improving their singing technique/sight reading.

If you have any questions regarding this position please make contact with Anthea Wood   Telephone number 01422 616795 and she will be happy to assist.

The selection process for short-listed candidates will include an informal interview and an invitation to work with the choir at a rehearsal.   If you wish to apply for this position please email your application to Anthea Wood –     including a brief CV and covering letter saying why you are interested in this position.